Auroville (India)

2017 The voice of the youth in creating social and environmental change

Subject - A Dialogue on Humanity: The voice of the youth in creating social and environmental change

Description -

Be a part of a vibrant four-day interaction where we discuss ideas, philosophy, and motives that can impact the world.

Together, we will explore ways to create change in different areas such as civil society, energy, food, forestry, water, construction, transportation, etc.

Location - Sadhana Forest, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dialog & Human Unity

Most of humanity's problems are self-generated. On the basis of this notion, Dialogues on Humanity aims to gain better understanding of what human beings are, how we can grow wiser together, gain self-confidence, believe in others and in the future, and achieve greater understanding and justice. This event wants to encompass maximum cultural and geographical diversity and welcome a variety of opinions and possible answers to the many questions we have. The event will be held on February 3rd at banyan Tree in Visitors Centre. From 10am to 4pm. Organized by Cafe Auroville.