12th Fireflies Dialogues

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Fireflies Dialogues 2020 What Hope? What Action?…in the Anthropocene Organised by Pipal Tree in collaboration with Dialogues and Humanity Fireflies Intercultural Centre, Bangalore 9th January 4:00 pm to 12th January 5:00 pm The present era has been named the Anthropocene due to the dominance of human activity on climate and the environment. In fact the Climate Crisis has come to such a pass that it leaves most people unclear as to the way forward, particularly since the will to halt the downward slide appears largely absent. Recent expressions and events like Climate Emergency, Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion portray the depth of the crisis and reveal that conferences and talk shows are no panacea to reverse or halt trends. Clearly much stronger medicine is needed. Towards the end of September 2019 more than six million people participated in climate demonstrations all over the world. In New Zealand, for example, 3.5 % of the population participated. Such mass action is a sign of hope. A young teenager, Greta Thumberg, has ignited the imagination of the world. Well known figures like the actress Jane Fonda and the journalist George Monbiot have been arrested for protesting. Are these events of 2019 trending the way forward? Are our spiritual, religious and ethical leaders following suit? The mass majority of the world’s population are spiritual and religious in some way or other. Clearly their convictions can be brought to bear on people in authority to inspire action. Spiritual and religious leaders need to be drawn into the debate if they have to realise that the climate crisis is the most important religious challenge of the 21st century. Many will agree that time is running out for us humans if we are to prevent the first man-made extinction.”What Hope? What Action?… in the Anthropocene” is an urgent call to social activists, scholars and spiritual/religious thinkers to come together to put their minds and hearts together to be part of the solution rather than allow the situation to deteriorate. Whether the action is small or conducted at a mass level, the urgency is clearly there. The climate crisis is clearly a ticking time-bomb which will claim the lives of millions of people if not addressed immediately. We kindly request prospective participants to apply as soon as possible. As usual Pipal Tree will take care of your boarding and lodging while you are with us. For more information, please call us on 9611783354 or write to us at dialogues2020@pipaltree.org.in Register here: https://forms.gle/AH2Hb8F4DKR2MpJa7 -- Meeting Rivers is a global platform of religious, spiritual and secular actors who bring fresh understandings, experiences and solutions to the inter-related challenges of personal change, social transformation and ecological engagement. We are hopeful that the Meeting Rivers bulletins will help contribute to the growing search for sustainable solutions. You can access the previous dispatches of Meeting Rivers in our website: www.fireflies.org.in If you have material which you would like to diffuse in this series please write to us at meetingrivers.fireflies@gmail.com
7h à 20h
Date début: 
Jeudi, 9. janvier 2020
Date Fin: 
Dimanche, 12. janvier 2020
Fireflies Dinnepalaya Kagalipura Bangalore